Part 3 - Run in the Cloud


If you're not comfortable with github cloning, or setting up a local web server, you can run phaser in the cloud.

More than a marketing buzzword, lots of developers like to build in the cloud so they can create, edit and share their content without having to install anything. Their files and code is available no matter which device they login from.

There are several JavaScript online collaboration tools such as [JSBin](), [codepen]() and [JSFiddle](). But these are more for quick tests of single scripts. For a complete development environment we recommend Cloud9. It allows you get up and running very quickly as you'll see:

First, sign up to the website using GitHub, and once this is completed, you will be redirected to your dashboard.


From this dashboard, you can create private or shared project, or, the feature that interests us in this case, you can create a project from a GitHub repository.

Click the "Create New Workspace" button and select the "clone from URL" option from the drop-down menu.


Once the repository is integrated into you'll see this window:


When you click on the "Start editing" button it will open up the code editor, allowing you to edit both the Phaser source code and create new code.


You have now a full copy of the Phaser repository that you can change as needed.