Part 7 - Conclusion

By Richard Davey on 23rd April 2021   @photonstorm

As you have seen, there are many possibilities when it comes to using the Game Web Monetization plugin.

We've just touched upon a few ideas in this tutorial, but it really is endless how you wish to reward them.

Some other ideas may include:

  • Do not display any in-game ads or pre-roll videos.
  • Why not display how much money they have sent to you as part of the game?
  • By using the total property, you could unlock new benefits as the amount grows!
  • Offer monetized players an exclusive skin or levels.
  • Monetized players could receive twice as many power-ups as regular players.
  • In-game bonuses could be scaled by the total amount received.
  • Or perhaps, all you do is simply thank them :)

It's an exciting time for crypto currencies and the web in general. If the Web Monetization API makes it through W3C approval then we will see all the major browsers implementing it, finally give us a means to monetize our games in a new and less intrusive manner than ever before.

Keep up to date with progress by following Coil on Twitter and be sure to check-out their Discover section to see what exciting new sites and services are supporting Web Monetization.

If you have any problems using the Game Web Monetization Plugin then please open an issue on the GitHub repository, or talk to us on the Phaser Discord where we'll be only too happy to help.

Of course, if you create a Web Monetized game in Phaser then be sure to let us know, so we can feature it on this site!