These docs are for an outdated version of Phaser The documentation on this page is for Phaser 2.4.6. The latest release is 2.9.4.


Phaser.Physics.P2. RotationalSpring

new RotationalSpring(world, bodyA, bodyB, restAngle, stiffness, damping)

Creates a rotational spring, connecting two bodies. A spring can have a resting length, a stiffness and damping.

Name Type Argument Default Description
world Phaser.Physics.P2

A reference to the P2 World.

bodyA p2.Body

First connected body.

bodyB p2.Body

Second connected body.

restAngle number <optional>

The relative angle of bodies at which the spring is at rest. If not given, it's set to the current relative angle between the bodies.

stiffness number <optional>

Stiffness of the spring. A number >= 0.

damping number <optional>

Damping of the spring. A number >= 0.

Source code: physics/p2/RotationalSpring.js (Line 19)

Public Properties

data :p2.RotationalSpring

The actual p2 spring object.

Source code: physics/p2/RotationalSpring.js (Line 49)

game : Phaser.Game

Local reference to game.

Source code: physics/p2/RotationalSpring.js (Line 24)

world : Phaser.Physics.P2

Local reference to P2 World.

Source code: physics/p2/RotationalSpring.js (Line 29)