You may not realize it, but we rely 100% on community backing to fund development.

Because Phaser is an open source project, we cannot charge for it in the same way as traditional retail software. What's more, we don't ever want to. After all, it's built on, and was born from, open web standards. It's part of our manifesto that the core framework will always be free, even if you use it commercially, as many of you do.

You may not realize it, but because of this, we rely 100% on community backing to fund development.

Those funds allow Phaser to improve, and when it improves, everyone involved benefits. Your support helps secure a constant cycle of updates, fixes, new features and planning for the future.

There are other benefits to backing Phaser, too:

I use Patreon to manage the backing and you can support Phaser from $1 per month. The amount you pledge is entirely up to you and can be changed as often as you like.

Patreon renews monthly, just like Netflix. You can, of course, cancel at any point. Tears will be shed on this end, but that's not your concern.

All Amounts Matter

Traditionally, the Patreon platform promotes the concept of "the more you pledge, the more rewards you get". Their whole system is geared around this. I felt, though, that for something like open-source support it was time to level the playing field. This is why all rewards are available to everyone, regardless of how much they pledge. There are a couple of exceptions, which I'll outline below, yet to me this felt like the most fair approach to take.

If you're able to be a higher tier backer, then I cannot stress enough how much I thank you for that. Please don't feel that your contribution is undermined in any way. At the end of the day, the money is being used to keep development of Phaser going, and that will never falter. This move is about making everyone feel equally rewarded, regardless of financial ability. Equally, if it's at all possible to slightly increase your pledge at some point, there are now lots of more minor-increase tiers you can explore.

Backer Perks

Here is a list of what's on offer for all backers:

Backers Newsletter

A new regular newsletter that will have a 'curated-link' editorial style. During a typical week I see a whole raft of interesting things from the Phaser and game-dev communities, which I collect together for myself, but feel would be better shared. This newsletter will contain quick-fire and concise links to relevant content. It will highlight important Phaser git commits, interesting new examples, news, tutorials and releases from the wider Phaser community.

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Backers Examples Archive

For as long as you remain a backer, you'll receive access to a private file archive. In this archive I will release a regular stream of new Phaser examples, games, snippets and resources. After 3 months content published here can be made public (at my discretion), but backers get it all first. You also get to suggest examples, so if there's something you'd like to see demonstrated you can put the idea forward to be created.

I'm currently creating the first round of content for this archive. When ready, I'll post details on how you can access it. Expect this during December 2018.

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Private Discord Channel

You'll gain access to a backers-only Discord channel, where you can chat with fellow developers and the Phaser team on a daily basis. The public (non Patreon) Discord server will, of course, remain active.

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One-on-One Technical Support

Chat directly with the developer of Phaser! Get your questions answered, your gnarly bugs looked at, or just mine the Phaser brain for ideas on how to approach things. Support is available in 15 minute slots and given via Slack, Discord, or phone. One single 15 min session is available for free, once per month, for those backing at $10 or above. I have to put a limit on this perk, otherwise I'll be flooded with requests and have no time left for coding. Extra time can be purchased as required.

I'm now using a new system to manage support, which makes it easy to book time directly on my calendar, avoiding clashes, and syncs the appointment with your calendar. Details are given immediately after you become a backer.

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Free copy of Interphase 1

Although this book focuses on Phaser 2 / CE, it still contains a wealth of useful information and source code. You can download a free copy and details how are displayed after you become a backer.

I'm currently working through porting the games in this book for Phaser 3. These will be released to backers as they are completed.

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Early Access to new Tutorials

As we reach new goals it will unlock new tutorials. All goals are based on the number of backers of the Phaser project. The more backers there are in total, the more tutorials I can produce (either directly, or commission from other authors). Backers can suggest, and then vote on, the tutorial topics. So if there's a topic you'd like to see covered in more detail, this will allow you to request it.

As with most perks, the tutorials will be for backers only for up to 3 months after publication, before being made public at my discretion. It will really depend on the content. Some of it may remain backer-only forever, while others may be beneficial to the wider community. It's a balancing act, though. I don't want it all gated behind a pay-wall, yet at the same time if you're good enough to back Phaser, you should be rewarded as such.

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Early Access to new Books and Plugins

In 2019 we'll be ramping-up production of Phaser 3 specific books and plugins. As we work on them, you'll get early access to sample chapters and beta builds. Once finished, you'll either receive the product for free, or at a heavy discount, depending on your backer level and the value of the product.

Since 2016 sales of books and Phaser plugins have made a substantial contribution towards the overall 'funding pot', helping me to work on Phaser full-time this year. They're all for Phaser 2 though, so as you can appreciate after the release of Phaser 3, sales dried-up heavily, which is why I need to revamp them all for Phaser 3 in 2019, and keep them fresh.

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Forum Badge

If you're a member of the HTML5 Game Developers Forum then you will receive a special backers-only badge, displayed next to your username. Show your dedication to the Phaser project off to the world! :)

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Free Phaser Laptop Stickers

Adorn your laptop (or geek den) with a set of high-quality vinyl Phaser stickers. Featuring the Phaser logos and characters, these look great on your hardware and come with a pixel-art print and magnet too. Because of the cost involved, once your lifetime pledge total hits $20, you'll get a discount code to buy the stickers at 50% off. At $30 or above you'll get 100% off, paying only the cost of postage. $60+ tiers get free stickers posted automatically. See the Patreon page for details!

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Roadmap Round Table

While I have a number of ideas of what I'd like to see Phaser do in the future, that future is not written in stone. To help steer the ship on the right course I'm going to hold a monthly round-table, where all backers can weigh-in with their suggestions on what should be worked on.

This can be as simple as suggesting a feature, or perhaps you've noticed a hot new toy in the web space that Phaser ought to play nicely with. Or an app has been updated that Phaser should support.

A roundtable will give all backers a chance to voice their opinions. If we hold it on a regular basis it will give the roadmap more structure, giving you a heads-up on what's coming down the pipeline, too.

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Promotion and Advertising

Have you created a game or product you'd like to get some visibility on? Or maybe your company is hiring? We can help!

Due to the size of the Phaser community there are a number of promotional opportunities available. From a review on the Phaser web site, to adverts, newsletter features, GitHub spots and tweets. There are lots of ways we can help get the word out, on a one-off, or regular basis.

The Phaser web sites reach over 1 million page views per month and the newsletter is read by over 10,100 developers. It's a targeted and specific audience, perfect if you've created something that will appeal to them!

This is open to all levels of backers. Just drop me a line and we can discuss it.

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Special Offers

I work with a number of partners who often have products that may be of interest to fellow game developers. Only when relevant, I'll arrange a special offer with them and bring it to your attention. From discounted books, to stock asset giveaways, I'll keep an eye out for appropriate deals for you.

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Secure the Future of Phaser

Besides all the exclusive examples and free stickers, there is one reason, more important than any other, for backing Phaser. Quite simply, your support allows me to work on Phaser full-time. And when I dedicate myself full-time to it, great things happen, and they happen rapidly.

From adding core new features, to fixing bugs, to enhancing the documentation - there's a never-ending list of things to be done, combined with big dreams about where we could all take Phaser in the future.

If the funding from Patreon increases beyond what is needed to cover my salary and expenses, then I will look at using the additional money to bring extra help on-board. Over the past number of years I've given a lot of work to people I've met as a result of them using Phaser. I always try to hire from within the community first. If funding allows, I'd like to carry this on as much as possible.

So, that just about covers everything I've got planned for backers right now. It's not fixed, if I come up something better, or something doesn't work out, then I'll tweak it until it does. Equally, I'm 100% open to your suggestions.

I'd like to donate once, not every month

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