Part 8 - Conclusion

By Richard Davey on 12th March 2019   @photonstorm

In this tutorial we have covered how to set-up and handle Facebook Instant Games In App purchases, while listening for the events we need to handle the purchases and consumption of items in our game.

Once your game is earning revenue you will start receiving payments. Facebook issues payouts within 90 day windows from the date of the transaction. In App revenue is split 70 / 30 between you and Facebook. Meaning for every $1 your game generates, you get $0.70. Please keep an eye on the official documentation as this amount is subject to change, although 70 / 30 is an industry standard, so unlikely to alter much.

Just like ads, In App items are a great way to earn revenue from a game, potentially offering exciting new content to your players, and rewarding those loyal to your game. As with all things involving real money, they require more care during implementation.

Your app will be put through a more stringent review process by Facebook if it's selling In App products, and your players are going to expect a certain level of support as well. So don't just enable it randomly, but instead carefully plan how you can best maximize the return it could generate for you.

For further reading on the subject, please see the official Facebook In App Purchases Guide.