Part 1 - Introduction to In App Purchases


In this tutorial we're going to learn how to create In App purchases within a Facebook Instant Game Phaser 3 game. This is a powerful way for your game to generate revenue if handled correctly.

An In App purchase is the ability for you to sell items directly via your game that players purchase with real money. For example, you could sell a pack of extra levels which are always available to the player, once they have bought them, or allow them to buy a new character to play with.

Items can also be 'consumed' by the player, which you control via your game code. An example of consumable items could be in-game currency, stat boosts or enhancements. Things that, once purchased, are only added to their game once.

Before we get started it's important to be aware that In App purchases are only available on and not on They are also available if a player is enjoying your game via the Facebook App on Android. Due to Apple limitations, they are not available on the iOS Facebook App, although if your player uses iOS Safari to visit, they do work on there.

Facebook handle all of the payment processing and local currency exchanges for you. All your game needs to do is ensure that anything purchased is instantly awarded to the player.

As with anything in Instant Games that can generate money, you'll need to register with several other Facebook systems first. These are business requirements, due to the different services that handle billing across Facebook. This guide won't cover the administration side of things, as it's nothing to do with the API, but it will provide links on where to get started.

Let's start by adding some products the players can buy in our game.