Part 2 - Creating an Ad Placement

Published on 6th December 2018

Unlike most Instant Games features, displaying ads requires quite a bit of set-up before you can even start thinking about placing the code to do it into your game.

The first thing to do is to register with the Facebook Audience Network and Monetization Manager. This is the Facebook system that allows you to monetize your iOS and Android apps with targeted ads. You need to do this before you can start creating ad placements. It's well detailed how to do this on the Facebook site, so please go through it all before coming back here to create your first ad.

Once you're registered and approved you will be able to get into the Monetization Manager. In here you can add your property. In Facebook talk, your game is considered as being a property, which has Ad Spaces within it. Add your property, making sure you specify it's an Instant Game, by following the prompts and you'll see it listed in the manager.

You can then click the 'Create Ad Space' link and you'll see the following:

Create Ad Space

This form needs filling in. For the name you can put something to help you identify it in reports. The description also needs filling in. This is a guide for the Ad Review team, so they can play your game and understand what to do in order to trigger the ad appearing. You can edit this later if needed, and even upload a video walk-thru showing them how to activate the ad. Remember, the clearer your instructions are, the faster they are likely to approve the ad placement when you finally want to go live. For testing though, you can just enter a short piece of text.

An Instant Game can have up to 4 Ad Spaces, but you create what are known as Ad Placements within those spaces. With your space created, click the 'Create Placement' link and then you'll get a new form to fill-in. This one is all about the ad itself. There are two types to pick from currently: An interstitial ad and a Rewarded Video ad:

Ad Placement Types

They differ in how they are displayed with the API, so it's important to be clear which type you're trying to display at all times. For now, create an interstitial ad and then get the Placement ID code from it by using the 'Get Code' link:

Get Code

With the Placement ID copied, we can now display an ad in our game.