We're building the Phaser web site from scratch. Read the latest Dev Log all about this.

We hope to be done within the next few weeks. It was more of an under-taking than anticipated (as usual!)
and changes with our hosting provider meant we couldn't keep the old site running while working on the new one.
Frustrating, but unavoidable.

However, in the meantime these links provide everything you could need:

Download Phaser from GitHub

Loads of great Getting Started Tutorials and free Books / Videos

Browse over 1,900 Phaser Examples

Read the Phaser API Documentation

Or browse the Phaser Editor Help Center (combines docs and examples)

Join the Phaser Discord or our Forum

Watch our Games Showcase video

The full old site is available via the Wayback Machine here

Phaser is sponsored by:

Texture Packer - Read this comprehensive tutorial with example code on how to create texture atlases for Phaser 3 with Texture Packer

Hathora - Seamlessly build, launch, and scale your game servers globally

5th June 2023