Part 8 - Next Steps

By Richard Davey on 14th February 2018   @photonstorm

Your game development experience with Phaser begins here! Although we've only touched upon the basics, if you've followed this guide through you now have a fully working development environment, access to the API docs and hundreds of examples.

Even so it's always best to code as part of a community. And for that we cannot recommend our forum enough. It has gone from strength to strength over the past few months and you're sure to find help and support when you need it most.

Bounce ideas off others, hang-out in the chat room, browse the games showcase and just be involved!

Join the Forum


You can help shape the way in which Phaser CE grows. If you find a bug, please report it. It won't take you long, and to date we have fixed over 91% of all reported issues (and we're still working on the other 9%). You can also issue Pull Requests against the development branch, or release your own plugins or filters.

Report Issues on GitHub

Show us your games!

We spend many tireless hours working on Phaser because we want it to be the best HTML5 game development framework it can possibly be. We understand it won't be perfect for everyone, and we're cool with that. But if you use it and make something, no matter how small you think that is, please do let us know. You won't believe what a real motivational boost it is when devs show us the games they've been working on! Reach out to us either on the forum, via twitter (@phaser_) or by email.

Most of all though, we truly hope you have fun making your game.