Part 6 - Why use it?

By Richard Davey on 24th November 2017   @photonstorm

Why use it?

Tracking analytics in your game is essential. With data you can pinpoint issues, and understand where refinements can be made. GameAnalytics is the ‘go to’ tool for indie game developers and studios worldwide (currently managing more than 5 billion events every day). The platform is widely integrated, with SDKs for every major game engine.

Their tool acts central platform where you can visualize your core gaming KPIs in one convenient view. You can also benchmark your game to see how your key metrics compare against 12K+ similar titles. You can set up GameAnalytics in a few minutes and it’s totally free of charge, without any caps on usage or premium subscription tiers. If you’d rather take a look at the platform before writing code take a look at their demo game with pre-populated data.