By Richard Davey on 25th November 2016   @photonstorm

Thank you for reading through this tutorial. We've covered a lot of ground. Hopefully it has shown you that it's now quite easy to improve the rendering performance of your game, with just a few small workflow and code tweaks.

At the very least you should experiment with Multi Texture support. It's easy to set-up, from a code point of view, and the impact can be dramatic. It also falls-back nicely.

All games are different, and have different requirements. There are few 'general' rules that apply to all of them, and you should always evaluate your game on a case-by-case basis. Profile it, and see for yourself.

There are still some features in Phaser that are slow, due to their very nature: Graphics and Text rendering for example, and Tilemap rendering on WebGL. So don't treat these features as magic-bullets that solve every problem. Some just need careful planning in the production stage to overcome, but do profile, test, tweak, re-test and make sure.