A fantastic unlimited match 3 puzzle game, with chunky pixel graphics and awesome chip tunes.

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Panel Flux is a new take on the classic match-3 puzzle, created by Nuclear Strawberry. The gameplay is based on the Panel de Pon series. Swap blocks horizontally, and match 3 in a row or column to make them disappear. Try to clear the entire board with your limited number of moves!


The presentation is superb, with a lovely chunky pixel aesthetic and a great VRC6 chiptune track. Unlike most match 3 games this one can generate unlimited puzzles! These can be made across a wide range of difficulty settings. You can even export solutions as gifs, like this:


All puzzles have a unique seed, which you can share with others to let them play whatever devious creation the game generated for you. There's even a race mode. The algorithm about how the puzzles are generated has been published to the devs Patreon, too.

Superb fun and well worth playing!

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