A fun, challenging and addictive blocks game. Can you make the connections needed to fill the grid?

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From the makers of Amazing Bubble Connect comes another great new puzzle game.

"Amazing Squares is fun for all ages. Try it and you will love Amazing Squares. Train you brain with colorful connection blocks. Collect achievements, beat rankings! Enjoy great graphics, animations and relaxing gameplay."


The objective of the game is simply to clear horizontal or vertical rows of blocks. It doesn't matter what color the lines are made from, although you get rewarded if they're all the same color. All that matters is that you fill the line completely. It will then be removed, freeing-up the space. It's similar in concept to Tetris, without the 'falling down' mechanic.


You have to be careful not to leave yourself no spaces left in which to place the larger blocks, like the 4x4. While at the same time, trying to pack all the tiles in as close as possibly to get a higher score.

There are multiple themes, power-ups and online rankings and stats to enjoy, too.

Play Game. Also available on iOS, Android and Windows.

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