Learn how to add boxes and player interactions in the next part of this Mario Party mini-game series.

Posted on 23rd Feb 2021. Follow @phaser_ and get the Phaser World newsletter.


Tommy Leung from Ourcade continues this fantastic tutorial series with part 2: "If you've gone through the basic first game in modern JavaScript or the infinite jumper book then you've got the basics down so let's try making something a little bit more complicated!

We suggest Memory Match. A Mario Party-inspired memory game where you control a character to pick boxes until all matches are found within a limited amount of time.

In part 1, we set up the project and created a character that can walk around using the keyboard arrow keys.

Now in Part 2, we will add boxes in a 3x3 grid for the player to interact with and use depth sorting to make sure everything is layered properly."

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