Taylor Nodell shares an excellent tutorial on creating an isometric scene in Phaser!

Posted on 3rd Jul 2020. Follow @phaser_ and get the Phaser World newsletter.


Creating an isometric scene can be complicated, but in this tutorial by Taylor Nodell, you get to learn how you can create a simple isometric scene by using the phaser3-plugin-isometric. In the tutorial, Taylor starts by giving a brief introduction to isometric art, provides some information on the isometric plugin, and then walks you through setting up the Phaser 3 Scene.


From the article: "I’ve been working on a casual flower genetics game, in the Phaser 3 engine. I’d always imagined it having a pseudo 3D effect, and after building it to this point, I wanted to try to finally get the visuals in a workable place.

And with that we’ve got a little isometric scene started. Certainly a couple places to refactor and smooth out, but it’s looking much better that what I had previously."

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