Slash your way through legions of undead in this atmospheric dungeon crawler.

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This first game from developer mkt is still in the prototype stage but is fully playable, with currently 12 levels of content and further updates in the works. Something Dungeons is a dark, slash 'em up dungeon crawler pitting you against increasingly deadly nightmarish enemies as you move down floor by floor. The game features some lovely pixel art graphics and a deep voiced narrator to provide plenty of atmosphere - you'll want the sound on for this one!


You start your quest in an empty dungeon with nothing but the ominous voice-over guiding you. Seek out the stairs to progress and eventually you'll start to explore where-ever it is you're trapped. Find a torch to help light your way, a sword to help dispatch the undead. And slowly but surely power yourself up, watching out for the jets of fire and other deadly traps.

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