The second part of the MMORPG tutorial series. This time adding player attack logic.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 21st Aug 2019.   @phaser_


Phaser present part two of their MMORPG series: "At the beginning of this tutorial series, we started building our Phaser 3 MMORPG. In Part 1, we did the following:

  • We set up the basic project and installed the required dependencies.
  • We added SocketIO to our project and added the server side logic for when a player connects and disconnects to our game.
  • We wrapped up by adding the SocketIO library to the client side code.

In Part 2 of this tutorial series, we will continue adding the web socket logic to client-side code, update the logic for adding players to our game and start adding the logic for allowing the players to attack."

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