The complete session on building games in Phaser 3 from the ThunderPlains 2018 conference.

Posted on 21st Feb 2019. Follow @phaser_ and get the Phaser World newsletter.

Jesse Harlin gave this great talk at the ThunderPlains 2018 conference and it's now available to watch in full on YouTube:

"This talk is about three things that interrelate. Firstly, its about some fundamental concepts for making a video game, such as how to manage animations, maps, basic AI and more. Secondly it is about Phaser 3, the latest-and-greatest framework for achieving your videogame goals in Javascript. Thirdly it is about my experience working on a boilerplate and scaffold to bring all these ideas into an Open Source project so anyone can make their own game in Javascript!

That just the groundwork! The last part of the talk is the best part! With these three things we're then going to mix it up and explore some of the more interesting techniques for game creation such as procedural level generation, AI randomness, Behavior Trees, rules engines for Tilemaps and more!"

Watch on YouTube

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