Beat all the racers while being bombarded with paint balls! In this fast and fun physics hill racing game.

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"Drive as fast as you can and complete all challenges. Jump, boost, shoot and collect coins in this fun physics hill racing game."


Paintball Racers is a side-on drive-em-up. You control a little toy car which, on the first few levels, zooms across the top of a kitchen surface. Everything is toy scale, so you bounce over forks, spoons and pastries as you make your way across the course. It's very reminiscent of Micro Machines.


As you drive there are AI to beat to the finish line. You can shoot paintballs from your roof-mounted canon, jump and use a limited turbo boost. A well timed paint ball can derail an opponent nicely, but there are others to collect, including paintballs that will freeze, stun via an electric shock, create oil skids or literally set them on fire.

You also get bonuses for air time, pulling off wheelies and all kinds of other antics. As with all Orange Games releases, the production values are really high, the gameplay is solid and it's just really entertaining. Special mention must also go to the sound effects. Best heard to be understood :)

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