We invite you to manage your own hotel, filled with amazing rooms, objects and crazy guests in this new experience set in the Habbo universe.

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OrangeGames have just released Habbo Clicker, an all new experience set in the "Habbo" universe! "We invite you to manage your own hotel, filled with amazing rooms, objects and crazy guests! Earn your way to a better hotel, and discover all the different floors and themes."


"This is Habbo like you have never played before, but true to the same style that made it one of the most popular social games in history!"

The original Habbo was, of course, a virtual world. Where-as this is an idle clicker game, but it has all the charm of the original. The little characters walking around your hotel are lovely and it's easy to want to upgrade their rooms as high as you can.

You do this by paying to upgrade both the speed and money earned by the items in the rooms. Your starting room contains a few stuffed animals an an arcade machine. Upgrade these to pay for the next room, containing a microwave and fridge, and so on. The more you upgrade, the more you earn and the more you can unlock more rooms and better quality items. It's a shockingly addictive circle!


Upgrade the speed of an item to level 5 and it'll automatically start collecting its own income, rather than you clicking on it. Which can help once things start to get really manic.

There's also something extremely satisfying about maxing an item out! If you get your hotel looking swanky enough, you unlock a new suite which allows you to start again, but with an income multiplier so it doesn't start as slow as before.

Oh, and be sure to click the bird that flies across your hotel! It's absolutely loaded :)

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