Help Detective Goatman solve the murder of a Supah K-Star! as you investigate and track culprits in this point-and-click adventure.

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"Help Detective Goatman solve the murder of a Supah K-Star!

Everyone hides their secrets. Lick every clue on sight and track the devious murderer! What are you waiting for?

Your efforts are needed!"


This wonderful title from Mr Alpaca Games is something refreshingly different. You take on the role of Goatman Peterson, a "descendant of an incredible lineage of unprecedented detectives in history". The game starts with you standing next to a dead body. By clicking around the scene you can investigate what happened and who the murderer was.


As you explore and meet people it all gets logged into your notebook. There you automatically keep track of the culprits, facts and items, hopefully eventually leading to a successful conclusion.

The game has a fun sense of humor, the graphics and music fit it beautifully and it never takes itself too seriously. It reminds me of slimline version of Professor Layton. Great fun and well worth seeing if you can solve the crime!

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