A unique tower-based strategy game in a struggle against the hungry proto-life organism.

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Originally a creation for the Ludum Dare game jam, Volcanic Giraffe took their fledgling concept and refined it into a full commercial release. The core concept remained the same: build towers from blocks, contain the enemy, survive the night onslaught and strike back. Numerous enhancements and upgrades later it's finding a receptive and dedicated audience on Steam.


"15 years since the first colonization parties landed on Gagarin-5. 15 years of tedious yet satisfying work on making this planet our home. I miss these years now.

It all happened in mere days. The corruption spread across our lands, waves of crimson doom washed away our mushroom farms, and giant worms devoured our cities. As far as I know, only few thousands of people were able to escape into the emergency bases. Now the thing.. is dormant. It sleeps during the day, and grows only slowly over the night, filled with tumors, blights and rolling, nauseating pink lights.


This small opening seems to be our only chance to fight back, to clean the planet. And we are sure to take it."

Stand to defend a distant human colony against the growing lifeform that devours everything in its wake. Build complex defenses from the simplest element possible – a single block, save few remaining settlements and clean the planetary surface from the corruption in this original tower-based RTS.

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