There are over 1280 games made with Phaser on Here is how to add yours to the list.

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Did you know there are currently 1,288 games on created with Phaser? They span a whole spectrum of topics and genres. From game jam entries, to visual novels, to role playing games. It's fantastic to see the variety on display.

However, there might be more! Those are just the ones that have tagged themselves as being built in Phaser. Do you have a game on not listed on the 'made with Phaser' page? If so, please add it. The process is simple:


Go to your dashboard, select your game, click the Metadata tab and then pick 'Engines & Tools' from the list on the left. There, you'll see the option to specify which Engine you used for your game. Add 'Phaser', click Save and you're all done!

Made a game you'd like us to feature on the site? Please tell us about it! You can either message me on Slack / Discord (name: rich / photonstorm), or send a Tweet to phaser_. Games Made with Phaser

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