The Sokoban tutorial gets another update to add unlimited undos, camera effects, double tap and more.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 23rd Apr 2018.   @photonstorm


Phaser 3 is getting updated very often with new features added each time. Now it reached version 3.2.0 and I updated my Sokoban prototype using the latest Phaser 3 version, as well as adding or rewriting features such as:

  • Unlimited undos
  • Flashing camera when undoing a move, giving a “flashback” effect
  • Double click/tap check
  • Scale each pixel to its closest neighbour to give a pixel art effect, remember the game is only 320×320
  • Unlike previous versions, undo does not destroy and redraw a level from scratch, also destroying and recreating all sprites on the fly, what a waste of resources!! Now I only place the moving items (the player and the crates) in their previous position, leaving the rest of the level unchanged, as the walls, the crate goals and the floor never change during the game.

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