The latest version of the best Phaser IDE is out and it comes with a new free license and lots of great features!

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Phaser Editor 1.5.0 has been released. It contains a bunch of new features but the most important change of all is that it now uses a new license type, which will make it accessible for many more users.

Between the new features, there are the BitmapText and Tilemap support in the scene editor, two new type of objects that are many times used in Phaser games and now to create and edit them is just easy in the editor. Other important changes are the new transformation manipulators and shortcuts pane.

In this release, they implemented a “freemium” model that is going to help to create a bigger community around the editor. When you download the editor, by default, you will use it in a “free” mode. This mode allows you to use all the features of the editor, but you are limited in the number of scenes (canvas files), tilemaps and texture atlases. The “premium” mode removes those limits, so you can use the editor in all its potential, just like before. To go premium, you have to purchase a license and activate the editor.

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