A new tutorial all about creating mobile games with Phaser 3 and Cordova.

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Game Dev Academy have released a new tutorial all about creating a mobile game using Phaser 3 and Cordova:

"Photon Storm’s Phaser is one of the most trusted frameworks for developing professional-quality 2D games in JavaScript. With Phaser, it’s feasible to make performant games that run smoothly in all major browsers, across all major systems, while only having to maintain one codebase. And now, the latest installment of Phaser has made its debut: Phaser 3.

But did you know that the same code that runs in your browser can be wrapped into a “native” mobile application? By combining Phaser 3 with Apache Cordova, we can produce games that not only run in the browser, but can also be published to the App Store and Google Play Store.

In this article, we’ll use Phaser to make a simple “game” that can be built for iOS, Android, and the Web. Though the result won’t truly be a “game” in the playable sense, the concepts it introduces will be referenced again in future tutorials where we will, indeed, create playable games."

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