Destroy the ever encroaching wall of bricks as you smash away matching tiles in this unique and spooky puzzle game.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 24th Jan 2018.   @phaser_


Rivas Games have been making quality HTML5 games for a few years now, with over 40 titles under their belt. Zombie Strike is their latest and it's a nice original take on the match-3 formula. You stand on the right of the screen as a giant wall of bricks slides towards you. Let them get too close and it's a squishy game over. You can fling clubs at the bricks to smash them, but only if the tiles on the bricks match up with one, or more, adjacent bricks.


There are gem bricks to smash for bonus points and you have to survive a certain number of 'advances' of the wall to complete a level. It's quite fun planning how you're going to destroy the bricks in order to line-up big match combos. Just remember: You can destroy bricks anywhere in the wall, not just the front line, and you can smash away empty ones too! Just make sure they match up with another empty brick. You won't get points for them, but it's a great way to clear a path to those that will.

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