A look back at the games released by Slashware Interactive in 2017 including the Ultima 6 game engine OpenArthurianX6.

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Slashie's Journal is the blog of Slashware Interactive, who during 2017 produced a whole bunch of great games, lots of which are powered by Phaser, and several of which have been Phaser features games in the past. If you like old-school RPGs in the mould of the early Ultima titles then this is a really interesting read about a years worth of development:

"This is an account of the least important projects I worked over the year. The most important project, of course, was “Gabriela the Human” which was released on September after 9 months of development (and I’m now working on adding new features to it).

That being said, it was another year of awesome indie gamedev work. Here is the story… stay tuned for the 2018 plans, coming soon!

Ananias was finally released on Steam and iOS, Expedition was almost brought back to life, OpenArthurianX6 was funded and development started, I participated on 5 game jams and did 3 retro animated videos, learned a bit of RiotJS and ReactJS and a lot of Phaser."

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