A quick and easy boilerplate for your Phaser projects, now updated with new plugins added.

Posted on 1st Dec 2017. Follow @phaser_ and get the Phaser World newsletter.


After two years Phaser Boilerplate has been updated! The author DallOner explains: "2 years have passed since I made the last commit in this micro project that helps me in the development of videogames for the web, since then many things have happened in the library developed by Richard and the plugins that Phaser uses, but despite everything , the core is almost intact, allowing this tool to remain in force during these years that I was absent.

In this new version I have dedicated to update the phaser library to the most current to date (2.9.2) also with the plugins, in addition I have added two plugins that are fabulous (Phaser Input and SuperStorage) these are wonderful plugins created by a great studio called Orange Games, these create amazing games with Phaser and they are great helping the Gamedev community for the web."

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