Play, fork, build, learn and share your own games with this interactive collaborative game builder.

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MyGameBuilder was formed through a creative joining between the first versions of MyGameBuilder and MightyEditor. The main purpose of MyGameBuilder is to teach users game development in a collaborative manner, where more experienced developers can help others.

If you are completely new to the game development you can:

  • Play games - we have some nice user made games!
  • Play with the actormap engine, which doesn't require any coding experience to make a game.
  • Fork game and alter it to make it your own.
  • Start taking guided lessons to learn programming basics, and even create a Phaser based game on your own.
  • If you get stuck doing any of these things, there is usually somebody online who will be glad to help.
  • After finishing the basic tutorials, there are some game related challenges to start practicing with.

The latest addition is our Hour of Code project: this is a gaming tutorial used in a worldwide classroom project that has users of any experience level program a dwarf character to complete game goals with basic JavaScript commands.

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