A gloriously 8-bit Gameboy styled beat-em-up. Can you save your wife and dog from the thugs on the street?

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 19th Dec 2017.   @phaser_


Created by Kenamick Entertainment for the GitHub Game Off jam 2017, this is a lovely little 8-bit Gameboy style beat-em-up.

"It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Brian and Gloria Freezby are back in their home town for the weekend and are taking a stroll on Shaker St. together with their dog Dido. Suddenly, they are approached by a group of hooligans. One of them, visibly bigger than the others, steps out of the group. It's Brian’s old rival - Arkian Joel. Arkian does some smack talk and orders a bunch of his thugs to grab Gloria and Dido. He then leaves his gang to take care of the Brian problem.

Brian faces the bad guys in fight and after defeating them continues down on Shaker St. determined to find Arkian and save his wife and dog."

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