A 3 month long French Games Developer course. 400 hours of lessons and access to a job that recruits at the end.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 15th Nov 2017.   @phaser_


3W Academy offers Game developer training aimed at training operational junior video game developers.

The training focuses on technologies taught in integration in initial training (front and back end) but also PhaserJS and especially C# and Unity. Thanks to their portability, these technologies are used by more and more companies around the world. And this, to create fun experiences (serious game, advergame, games ... etc.)

A typical 3W Academy day builds on the 3W Academy methodology and begins with explaining new syntax elements of a particular language, best practice, or technology. Then the students perform an exercise immediately related to obtain a concrete result, tangible and motivating .

Learning continues with larger projects lasting several days and incorporating more and more lessons already seen mixed with new ones. By using multiple technologies simultaneously, students then truly discover the process of creating a video game.

The days at 3W Academy last 7 hours and are therefore intensive for students as they are still writing code, sitting with a keyboard In front of them.

From this perspective 3W Academy is 10% theory and 90% practice.

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