A brilliant two-button remake of the Namco arcade classic. Can you double jump your way through spike pits, collect the gems and avoid the dragons?

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Tom Atom has been busy lately and this is another new game he created for Bandai Namco. This time it's a modern remake of their classic 80s arcade game Dragon Buster. The original game is renowed for being the first to ever feature the double-jump ability and a visual health meter. Something you'd take for granted these days.


Much like the original this version is punishingly difficult too! There are just 2 controls: Z to change the direction you're walking, and X to jump (or double jump). And that's it.


With those two buttons you need to traverse the side-scrolling castle, leap pits of spikes, avoid fire breathing dragons and collect all the gems. Good luck, you're going to need it!

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