Take to the high seas and sink as many vessels as you can in this multiplayer arcade battler.

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Pirate Battle is another new IO game. In this one you take to the high seas and must sail around, collecting gold and trying your best to sink the other ships.

As your gold increases you can press the keys 1 - 4 to power-up a different part of your ship: Health, Speed, Armor and Damage. The better your armor, the more shots you'll be able to withstand, the better your damage, the more harm your shots will do to other ships, and so on.


You'll also get an occasional speed boost, which is handy for fleeing a sticky situation in a hurry. You'd be advised to start a match by collecting as much gold as possible from around the edges, avoiding direct confrontation until you've powered-up at least a little. If you do manage to sink a ship then it spills all of its gold into the sea, which is great to scoop-up!

It feels a bit weird having the cannon on the front of your ship. A true pirate ship would have had them on the sides. But it's smooth, the graphics are nice, and although there is no sound it's really fun to play - especially with a bunch of other wanna-be pirates to sink.

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