A great text adventure set inside a nuclear reactor. You open the chest. Inside is a lamp. Get lamp. Taken.

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"You are trapped inside an abandoned nuclear power plant. To escape your objective is to find some sort of tool to crack open the locked iron doors. As a true tribute to the start of game development of the 80s, you will write your way out of this oldskool text adventure."


It's not often you see a text adventure game written in Phaser, but the developer Taggrin has done a great job with it. Get used to remembering to enter phrases such as "GO NORTH", "OPEN DOOR" and "GET (item)" again.


The sound effects and music really add to it. I enjoyed the noise of the computer booting as I turned it on for example. There are also some nice hidden easter eggs. Try typing in a few Unix commands to see what happens!

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