Choose a pet and make sure they are entertained, exercised and well rested in this beautifully animated game.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 28th Jul 2017.   @phaser_


Over on the "Yeah, but is it Flash?" blog Christopher writes about the latest game he built: "Pets Factor: Furry Friends is a nurturing game where you choose a pet for yourself and then make sure it’s entertained, exercised, and well rested."


"You’ve also got to help your pet level-up by completing a series of life challenges and also by introducing it to new training activities, types of food, and toys. It’s all good fun for young kids and will help teach them the responsibilities involved in looking after a pet."


The game has the usual high BBC production values. Lovely and cute animations, good sound and music and nicely accessible (you can play most the game using just the tab key and space bar). It's great fun to see what your pet gets up to, buying it new treats and playing with new toys. There are also mini games built in, and you can take your pet to the vet to level it up!

Play Game or read the blog post about how it was built.

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