Help the Mayor expand the city and get him out of all kinds of situations in this superb puzzle game.

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The mayor is expanding his city. Each level in this fun puzzle game has several missions that you must complete. In all of these missions you have to build roads to reach the destination.


Rotate or swap road pieces to do so. Keep in mind the bar below: the higher the bar, the higher your score. If the bar runs out, you will fail the level. You can even unlock a bonus stage after level 5. Enjoy Twisted City!


This is another superbly presented offering from Orange Games. The graphics are lovely, the animations fun and quirky and the whole thing just oozes quality. The music and effects add to it and it's nice to have a bit of a story to each level: Get the Mayor to the hospital, build a bank, get the police to the bank robbery, etc. Great fun!

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