The tutorial continues, adding spikes, death and more features to the game.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 12th Jun 2017.   @photonstorm


Emanuele Feronato continues his tutorial series on re-creating the game Mike Dangers. In this part he adds spikes, death and more features:

"Since previous step, several features have been added, and a bug was fixed. Let’s see what changed:

  • Each floor now contains one or two deadly spikes, which use object pooling to be placed on the screen
  • Some code has been changed to have more than a diamond on each floor, exactly as for the spikes
  • Ladders now are randomly placed on the floors
  • The entire routine which handles a floor when it “falls down” has been rewritten
  • Spikes are deadly and if the player touches a spike, it’s game over with a “fall down the tower” animation
  • The bug having sometimes a floor with two stairs and another floor with no stairs has been fixed
  • The game now covers the entire screen area if played on portrait devices or windows"

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