Select your team Counter-terrorists or Terrorists and have fun in this awesome multiplayer combat game.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 5th May 2017.   @photonstorm


".io" games, or multiplayer games, are all the rage at the moment, and GunFight is another quality entry. Sporting lovely voxel style pixel art you choose to play as either the Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists (sound familiar yet?). The battle takes place in various settings, from a train station, to a warehouse. With your team on one side, and the enemies on the other. Run left and right, duck down behind walls, the right-click to pop-up and take a shot at the opponents.

Of course, they'll be trying to do exactly the same at you!


Power-ups replenish health, or give you a rocket launcher which can be used to destroy their walls, reducing the defenses. There are exploding barrels to shoot too, and on levels like the train station the train will come in and block gameplay for a few vital seconds, allowing you to shift around and hopefully grab some health.


It's simple, looks great, plays great, and is genuinely entertaining. Exactly what an IO game should be.

For those interested it uses a custom build of Colyseus, a multiplayer game server for node.js.

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