A fast-paced arcade RPG shoot 'em up with resource / city management elements.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 26th Apr 2017.   @phaser_


"Legends tell of a King of old, the founder of your dynasty. A King who, when the crops failed and his people were hungry, when the economy collapsed and his people lost hope, refused to surrender to despair. A King who instead undertook a great quest to vanquish the horrors of the badlands, and use their despoiled treasure to rebuild his shattered kingdom."


Super Endless Kingdom Mega Quest Extreme is a fast-paced arcade RPG shoot 'em up with resource / city management elements. Use your combat skills to earn loot, then spend it to revive your dying kingdom.

I ended up playing this game for far longer than I anticipated! It's a really nice blend of genres. I was doing town management one moment, then defending the city from attackers, then off questing and knocking down zombies and the like in search of gold.


Although still in beta it's a really accomplished game already. Even so, the developer is asking for feedback - so please have a play, and leave a comment in the forum. Yes the graphics are a little rough and ready, but it has gameplay by the bucketload.

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