Sink or swim in this massively multiplayer bubble shooting ship game.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 7th Apr 2017.   @photonstorm


Burbles is another in the growing trend of .io games. In Burbles you pilot a ship, viewed from above, that can fire colored balls out of its canon. There are clusters of balls all around the sea. Hit a cluster with the right color and you gain experience. Use that to power-up your boat, with extra canons, longer range, and so on. You can also boost your speed, which is handy when being chased by other players.

You've a life bar, get hit by another player and it goes down. Run into the clusters by mistake and it goes down. Soon enough you're dead and have to start over again. It plays out sort of like a cat and mouse game, where the weaker players avoid the stronger ones (identified by their multiple canons) long enough to power-up to stand a chance.

As with all .io games the fun is only really had when there are other plays online, and the more the merrier! Even so, it's an interesting take on bubble shooting, and definitely fun with enough foes to sink.

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