Recruit new fighters, upgrade your towns businesses and soak those miserly mercenaries for all they're worth!

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 6th Feb 2017.   @photonstorm


"The adventurers are in town, killing monsters in the local dungeon and dragging their ill-gotten treasure back into your small village. With all that ready cash, do those muscle heads really think they’re only going to pay a measly 5 gp to stay at the inn, or a mere 100 gp for a new sword? HELL NO!"


"In this simple and quick idle game, recruit new fighters, upgrade your town’s businesses, and soak those miserly mercenaries for all they’re worth! While you’re at it, use that money to buy up all the industries and resources in the area, until you achieve a monopoly, the ultimate “cartel” and win the game."


"Just don’t gouge too deeply and quickly – dead adventurers don’t spend much… If you save your game and return, you’ll collect money for every full hour you’re gone; you can increase this amount with certain upgrades."

This is such a compelling little game. I honestly spent far too long, going back and just adding new things to my town. Buying up industries, increasing the size of the inn, improving the armor. It may not look that great, but it plays so well :)

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