Escape the monsters while keeping your style in this great climbing game of risk and reward created for Le Bon Marché.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 24th Feb 2017.   @photonstorm


L'Homme à venir is a new game created for Le Bon Marché, a famous French department store and now a worldwide brand, to celebrate the release of a new range of Men's clothing. The game was built by the creative agency cher ami using Phaser and TypeScript.


The game itself is really good fun! You are constantly climbing up ladders, with all the monsters at the bottom of the screen trying to grab you. As you climb you can jump from ladder to ladder, collecting coins and power-ups, avoiding other beasts as you go.


It's a nice risk-reward mechanic, will you risk the jump down to pick-up the bonus coins, which slows down your ascent, or just keep on climbing to reach the next level?

Keen players are in with a chance of winning a 100 EUR gift card too (likely limited to France, so check the terms)

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