A celebration of the 30 year old classic. Power-up your tractor beam, warm your trigger finger, and descend in to the planet cores.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 6th Jan 2017.   @phaser_


Hayes Maker Software have released the first version of Thrust 30. This is their homage to the classic 8-bit physics powered space game Thrust. Developer Andy explains:

"Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Jeremy Smith's "Thrust". In 1986 Firebird released a deviously fiendish physics based space explorer on Commodore 64.

The game featured simple 2d vector graphics, a physics engine, limpet guns, and an orb. You controlled a ship, and your task on each level was to collect the orb, by means of a tractor beam which, when attached to the orb, would complicate the gravitational and thrust forces acting on your ship. making escaping the cave style level layouts require extraordinary skill and control. Then fly the orb upwards into space where you hyperspace to the next level.

The game, for a budget release was well received, and gameplay stands up well even today. I've enjoyed playing the game a lot on emulators of the classic systems, but was frustrated with the poor IOS and android clones which can be found in the App store.


So I decided to write one myself.

This is the Thrust 30 Development portal. Here you can play builds of the game as it is developed, on your PC / Mac or any other HTML5 enabled device Basically anything with a moderately fast CPU and a browser.

The game itself is open-source JavaScript. You can fork the code base and write your own Thrust inspired games, help main platform development, or simply enjoy playing the game through its development cycles."

The new version is currently available to buy on iOS, play for free on the web site, and is also trying to get onto Steam via Greenlight, so please give it a vote!

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