Phaser powers the Doritos Mix Arcade, projected on a 45-foot LED screen, part of the world's largest arcade cabinet.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 13th Jan 2017.   @phaser_


In this overview, the agency HYFN explain the processes behind creating the Doritos Mix Arcade. From the Twitch powered 'grabber' machine, to the 6-story tall arcade cabinet on display at E3. Although not directly mentioned in the piece, the games were created in Phaser. And this almost certainly constitutes the physically biggest Phaser game ever displayed, on a 45-foot LED screen, with a six-foot joystick!

"The Mix Arcade was created to engage a large number of users, driving awareness of the new Doritos Mix product and drumming up enthusiasm ahead of the claw machine activation and E3. It featured four reincarnated arcade classics, each embodying a Doritos Mix chip: Chip Defenders, Chip Kwon Do, Dinamita Detonator, and Twist Cannon. By winning (or entering codes from purchased bags), users earned tokens they could use to play a virtual claw game for instant win prizes.


Once the tech was there, we decided to inject a bit of the 21st century into the design by adding WebGL shaders, particle effects, pixel processors to add noise and randomness to different textures, and camera shakes to give explosions more of a visceral feel. The sound, however, stayed in the 20th century: 8-bit all the way. The games were fun, addicting, and hunger-inducing. Mission accomplished."

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