Use your water to stop the fire reaching the TNT in this multiplayer Node Knockout entry. If you hear the fuse burning, run!

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 18th Nov 2016.   @phaser_


This game is a great entry in the Node Knockout 2016 competition.

"1-6 players working together to prevent fire from spreading and reaching the TNT cache in the center of the level. Miners (AI) will approach from all sides, fewer to start, and more as time passes.


Players (Sticks of dynamite) are equipped with water guns, or water balloons which will kill / disable the miners. Miners will throw and wave torches to advance on the cache.

If a player’s fuse is lit, they can be saved by a team mate shooting them. If a player’s fuse burns out entirely, they will explode. Being near the TNT and exploding is a terrible idea. Being near a ton of miners and exploding, however, is a great strategy."

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