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Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 1st Aug 2016.   @phaser_


"Get out on the campaign trail and chase those votes into the sky with Trump Jump! Avoid the people trying to take you down, like do-gooder reporters Wolf Blitzer & Megyn Kelly! Steer clear of Paratrooper Hillary Clinton as she tries to shoot you out of the sky and get around Bernie Sanders and his revolutionary flying pigeons. Fight them off with a well-timed verbal assault! Just tap as you jump to hurl insults that really leave a mark. Devastating!

Collect stars, collect votes and increase your chances for success with unbelievable power-ups! Find Trump Steaks for crazy bouncing abilities! Double Down to collect even more votes! Become invincible as Teflon Don! Blast past everyone by Flipping the Bird! Increase your credentials with a Trump Diploma! Impressive!

Tilt your device to move side to side, tap for verbal assault, swipe down to mute, swipe up to pause. Ingenious!"

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