A minesweeper inspired RPG.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 31st Aug 2016.   @phaser_


Greaper released a fun work-in-progress of their game TombSweeper to the Phaser Forums: "This is a minesweeper-like rpg. It is more difficult and also more interesting than the original minesweeper.

Your hero starts from level 1 when you enter every floor. You gain experience and level up from sweeping the weakest monsters. The mark on the cell show total levels of monsters around that cell. You have to find out which monster is the weakest - this is a bit more difficult than the minesweeper - and kill it for experience.


You attack is the same with your level. As for the monster, both its attack and its hit points are the same with its level. When you open a cell, the fight begins and you will attack first. As you can see, you can kill the same or lower level monsters in one strike safely. Although you can also kill higher level monsters, you will lose some hit points."

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