The Internet is under attack! You have been sent back in time to the dawn of the Internet to save it.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 28th Jul 2016.   @photonstorm


"The internet is under attack! You’ve been sent back in time to the dawn of the internet to save it. Choose your hero and take a trip through internet history and be in with a chance to win a brand new Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit!"

This excellent action runner game was created by Subism as a promotional game for Heart Internet. With some beautiful pixel art through-out and chips tunes, it's up to you to jump and battle your way through the ages of the Internet. At the end of each era you'll fight a boss battle, against opponents such as rusty modems or rogue hackers.


There are some wonderful touches. From the modem noises in the 90s, to the balloon crashing in flames. To the famous site launches taking off in the background. You quite often get hit because you're spending time looking at the cool things going on around the screen :)

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