The first part of a new Getting Started with Phaser series.

Article by Richard Davey. Posted on 8th Jun 2016.   @phaser_


This is the first part of a Getting Started series from Shawn Hymel: "As I learn to use the Phaser framework to make simple browser-based games, I figured I would chronicle my adventures and hopefully help others out.

“Why a web web server?” As it turns out, when most browsers run a page as a local file, it locks down access to many other files, which we need for our games. To read more about this, see this article.

To properly serve these files, we can use any number of existing web server software, but we will write a simple one using the Express framework in Node.js. In the future, we can modify this simple server to receive information back from our game to do things like control hardware and gasp make multiplayer games."

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